Our Parish Priest

Our Parish Priest - Fr Jarek

Fr Jarek


My name is Father JAROSŁAW KWIECIEŃ (or simply, Father JAREK [Yareck]) I was appointed Parish Priest in April 2024. I have to say I feel truly delighted to be given this responsibility by Bishop Brian McGee as well as hugely privileged to take over from our beloved Father Roddy Johnston who has wholeheartedly served and loved this parish and its people for the last couple of years.

I am coming to you with just the same intention, to serve and to love this community, and to build on the good which yourselves and your priests have built and multiplied over so many years.

I am sure we will soon have a chance to get to know each other better. Just as a matter of introduction, I can tell you that I am originally from Poland, have been a diocesan priest for 22 years and come to serve the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles for the next couple of years (at least!). Although I only came to live in Scotland last Summer, I have to confess I have had a twenty-year love affair with your beautiful country. For years I have supplied in parishes across Scotland, visited a good part of it and made many friends. Some say I am actually a Scot born in a wrong country!

I have been to the Isle of Bute before, however always in the capacity of a tourist. I am now coming to settle and I look forward to getting to know the best of Bute, its PEOPLE!

Please, keep me in your prayers! I will see you soon!

Fr Jarek

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