Donate to St Andrew's Parish

As any visitor to St Andrew's in Rothesay will testify, it's a beautiful and magnificent church. We who worship here are very blessed indeed to be able to call such a wonderful place our spiritual home.

As we all know, though, a church this size does not look after itself, and we need ongoing financial support to keep it beautiful and fit for purpose.

Occasionally, we also need to make an extra push to raise funds for specific items or projects, and for the moment, our focus has become the roof of the church.

If any visitor or regular parishioner would like to donate to the church, either our General Parish Fund, which supports the day to day running of the church, keeping it warm and well maintained, or our dedicate Roof Fund, which requires a substantial amount to cover slating, leading and guttering of the entire roof, then please do so by clicking the appropriate button below.

If you'd like to discuss regular giving, or making a larger one-off donation, do please get in touch with me.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Fr Jarek

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